Mayur birari

Ad Hoc build of iphone app is very important one as per the testing of an app is concerns on various device
You can send that build to client’s by using their UUID. Its very easy to get UUID of iPhone by plug-in iPhone and checked “Identifier” in Summary tab from iTune or Xcode Organiser.

Mandatory things!
1)Mac machine
2)Developer License($99)
3)Device for testing(Simulator is sufficient to generate Binary(Build))

After testing your code on simulator you need following things to run your application on Device(iPhone,iPad,iPod touch):

1)Create a certificate(developer/distribution) on iPhone developer portal(login to, Open Applications folder from your dock, open the Utilities folder and launch Keychain Access, In the Preferences menu, set Online Certificate Status Protocol (OSCP) and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) to “Off”.

Choose Keychain Access -> Certificate Assistant -> Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority.

In the below screen fill the information which you proviede…

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